This section is not a blog. Just a list of a series of articles I'm writing about design on my Medium account.


Design and the Paradox of Choice

How design can help facilitate the process of making a decision.


Top 3 Podcasts for Designers

My favorite 3 weekly inspiring podcasts focused on designers' past experiences and tips on how to grow your leadership skills.


3 things you should not do when doing a presentation

To do good presentations you need to practice. There’s no other way to appear secure in front of an audience and have your most important lines ready to be spoken.


Every designer should have a side project

As a designer, therefore, a creative and impatient mind, you need constant change in your life to be more creative. We need to be challenged frequently in order to stay fresh on our ideas.


Great design lives in the details

Nowadays it’s not hard to create beautiful products and user interfaces but to shine among all those great visual designs you need to put a lot of attention to the details.


The Rule of 3

The Rule of 3 is a writing principle that suggests that information is more likely to be absorbed or memorized easily if it comes in groups of 3. Want to know more?

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