Synoptik Aldersrabat

Agency / Hjaltelin Stahl

Client / Synoptik

My Role / Concept Idea & Digital Art Direction


Brief /

Every year Synoptik launches an Aldersrabat Campaign and every year they have the same issue: young target audiences don't believe that this campaign can also benefit them.

The principle of Aldersrabat (Age discount) is that the older you are, the more discount you get, for example, if you are 75 years old you get a 75% discount. People under 50 years old can also get a discount because Aldersrabat has also an upside-down option, for example, if you are 35 years old, you get a 65% discount.

But, how to explain that to young people?


To target this audience and to communicate how Aldersrabat works, we create the Omvendt Aldersrabat, which it's basically the upside-down version of Aldersrabat.

Solution /

Hire Martin Brygmann, a famous danish comedian and actor, to create a connection with a younger audience.



Focused on reaching a much younger audience, we released a series of videos featuring Martin hanging upside down on social media.

Website /


Synoptik's main page would feature a banner showing both campaigns where customers could choose where to find the right discount for them.

Direct Marketing Strategy /


Using our customer's mailing and data, we sent individual custom emails featuring the exact discount you can get calculated automatically based on your age.

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