I'm Daniel

A multi-disciplinary Design Lead from Brazil, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Passionate about the craft of design and the creative process, my mission is to elevate and maximize brand expression through human-centered design and storytelling.


UX/UI Design

YouSee's Redesign

Our goal was to create a brand new digital experience, improving the brand’s user experience and expression online.

UX/UI Design

YouSee DNA

YouSee's Design System – a comprehensive guide and resource library that contains everything you’ll need to design with us.


B Sides / Project Highlight

Norse Theme Parks

Norse Theme Parks is a startup I collaborate on a regular basis as a creative partner. Their main product is Yggdrasil – the concept of a Theme Park inspired on the Norse Mythology.

B Sides / Project Highlight

Greenland on The Rocks

Greenland on the Rocks was a campaign we did that introduces – a 360° virtual safari – opening in Nuuk in November. The initiative's target was to generate awareness on Greenland’s vital tourism industry in the shadow of COVID-19.


Art Direction

Coca-Cola Memematch

An interactive project involving internet memes and one of the biggest internet festivals in Brasil – YouPix.

Art Direction

The Homeless Homepage

What happens if a website has no place to stay? It becomes the first homeless homepage.


Art Direction

The Invisible Man

Every homeless person has a superpower which is also a curse – invisibility.

Art Direction

Synoptik Aldersrabat

An unusual way to communicate Synoptik's annual discount campaign to a much younger audience.


Previous clients


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I'm always happy to chat about interesting ideas, new collaborations or share film or tv series recommendations.