Company / YouSee

My Role / Design Lead

Design Lead Role /

I've led YouSee's Digital Design for 2,5 years and helped redefine the brand's digital identity across its multiple channels.

Goals /

1. Reduce time to market

2. Establish Design Consistency

3. Improve Developer Experience

4. Increase Customer Experience

Become a comprehensive guide and resource library that contains everything you’ll need to design with us, including the brand's core principles, visual design, and interactive components.

A Design System /

The last part of the process was to develop a system that could speed up the adoption of the new design and also optimize the developer's workflow, saving time to develop and deploy new pages faster, keeping the design excellence and coherency.


Old icon library


New icon library

Most Design Systems have a name so we wanted to pick one that was strong enough to resonate with everyone who would use it all the time – the developers. After an email poll and more than 120 responses over a week – YouSee DNA was born.


DNA represents, for a human being, all your genetic code, therefore, the color of your eyes, the pattern of your hair and all your physical characteristics.

YouSee DNA does the same but for our website.

Want to work together?

Want to work together?

Wanna work together?

I'm currently available for contract or freelance projects.

Otherwise, I'm always happy to chat about interesting ideas. Let's connect on social media.